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Short biography of Ram Charan

Ram Charan is an acclaimed adviser, speaker and author of the field of the business, recognized by his practical perspective anchored in the real world, helping for the largest and most powerful companies in the world. He was A Schoolboy Baker in the Harvard Business School, where he obtained with distinction the mastery in administration of companies, besides his doctorate. The doctor Charan is also an author of " What the CEO Wants You to Know ", " Profitable Growth is Everyone s Business ", " The Leadership Pipeline " and " Boards at Work ". His(her,your) articles have appeared in "Fortune" and in " Harvard Business Review ". He started, being employed very soon at a familiar business of shoes, where he started showing his talent. Later he obtained an engineering degree and began to study in the more prestigious universities . After a long career receiving prizes and awards he turned into one of the best leaders of the world.

Summary about "Leadership in the Era Of Economic Uncertainty"

The message is clear, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate, getting the right things done in difficult times calls for a different kind of leadership, a different set of strategy. It is because the rules have changed. Global economy no longer favors a revenue growth strategy; profitability and cash-efficiency are now the keys to survival. Ram Charan - a world-renowned adviser to business leaders and corporate boards - makes it loud and clear that unless the business leaders do the right things, they would well be joining the list of companies in bankropt. “Leadership” is primarily targeted to the CEO, CFO. Starting with the CEO role, Ram Charan has authoritatively stressed the importance of cash efficiency, the intensified real time management mandate, the decisive confidence that a CEO must exhibit.
According to Ram Charan, for those companies that survive this economic uncertainty, they will emerge smaller, fewer customers, sell fewer products, fewer suppliers, few layer of management. However, the process will be simpler and more efficient and the company will become stronger.

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