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Ram Charan was born in 1939 in India. He studied engineering in his native country and later studied at Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA and later a doctorate. Today he is one of the most renowned consultants in the world, having worked for companies such as General Electric, KLM and Bank of America. Also, he is the author of many best-sellers, like "What the CEO Wants You to Know" and "Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty". In his books, highlight the leadership skills in the business world at the present.

Summary about "Leadership in the Era Of Economic Uncertainty"

The current economic crisis, which affects not only the industry but the entire financial industry, highlights the value of some CEO who become authentic leaders. Chad Holliday is one example. He is an executive of the DuPont company, whose business is distributed in various areas.
DuPont, Chad Holliday to demonstrate its ability to prevent and decision-making, has launched a device to cope with the crisis, in anticipation of the devastating effects it produces. Among the measures taken by the company, emphasizes 8 departments ineffective stood down, the cancellation of meetings and the reduction of business travel.
But undoubtedly, the more drastic measure was to minimize the number of outside contractors, replacing the labor of company´s workers who saw its work reduced or closed.
Ram Charad shows Chad Holliday to us as a true leader who knows how to solve the problems of his company, anticipates the events, maintaining a direct relationship with the worker about their situation and their behavior in the company. Also, has been responsible for reducing costs and unnecessary waste. This is an effective way to management an enterprise with problems, like DuPont.
As a conclusion, the book "Leadership in the Era or Economic Uncertainty" shows us that this type of action taken in this case by the company DuPont highlights the importance of an effective CEO, foresight…who knows how to take important decisions in difficult times.
This is an example, a model for all senior executives of the business world. The book shows that in times of economic crisis, we discover the true leader.

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