Ram Charan´s Biography

Ram Charan is an important business consultant, writer and speaker. He have been in business world more than filthy years. He worked with the most important CEOs in the world, in so many important and successfully enterprises, like Verizon, Novartis, Dupont, Thomson Corporation, Honeywell, KLM or Bank of America.

He starts in business at early age, in his father´s shoe shop. First he study engineering in India and then earn a job in Australia. Then Charan go to USA to achieved MBA and a Doctorate from Harvard Business School. He loves to teach the people and his principal study affair, is to solve business problems.

Charan have written a lot of books, among there are: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality or, What the CEO Wants You to Know, Boards at Work, Every Business Is a Growth Busines.

Summary about Ram Charan´s book: Leadership in the Era Of Economic Uncertainty.

How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis.**

Chad Holliday, the CEO of DuPont, realize of the economic crisis while he was visiting a CEO of Japanese company. This CEO said that he order to conserve cash in case of financial contagion spread.

Since this moment Holliday, begin to try to know the new crisis. First he meeting his 7 top leaders in the company to study what is the situation and the future of it. The crisis of confident in Wall Street, or some evidences like the hotbed of legal activity in Wilmington or the schedules trouble of DuPont with automobile companies, force Holliday to start to take a decision.

He has two choices use a Corporate Crisis plan, used before to avoid some problems or declaring the crisis and fired 60000 employers. Holliday chose the Corporate Crisis plan. Then he use the 17 standing teams that always have been used for moments of crisis, for known what happened and how to ensure the DuPont´s viability.

For creating communication with the employees, Holliday uses the company´s chief economist and the pension fund manager. They try to interview with each employer who was asked about what the company could conserve cash and reduce cost. This action had results but Holliday still thinking that the workers didn´t understand the extremity of the problem. He think that was possible that maybe they gave more than enough confident to the employers.

Also he, with his CEO and CFO questioned the 14 leaders of the company. They were doing a lot, but the problem was that they aren´t acting very fast.

By other way DuPont have another group, composed by tree top executives. Those executives were finding what the best way to saved more cash was. The try to search the worst activities to closed it. But he knows that the most effective choice was cutting back the majority of contracts that the company had hired.

The DuPont´s plan took place in less than six weeks. Holliday exemplifies a true leadership. First accept the problem to face it without fear, and then he take a decisive action.

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