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Short biography of Ram Charan;

Ram Sharan was born in 1939, Uttar Pradesh, India. When he was young he worked in his family´s shoe shop and later he earned a degree in engineering from Bananas Hindu University and studied at Harvard business school where he was awarded an MBA (1965) and a doctorate (1967). He is one of the most successful business men in the world and provides advices to many corporations.
He has won many prices like best teacher award at Northwestern, the Bell Ringer award, etc..all recognizing him as a wonderful teacher. He has contributed in many financial studies and written works such as “What the CEO Wants You to Know”, “Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty”.
Nowadays he works for some of the companies who have gone well through the crisis thanks to his helps and leadership, such as Bank of America, GE, KLM, etc, helping them to develop and stand the crisis in a better way.


This text explains what should be the reaction of any leader of a company at any moment of crisis and compares it to Chad Holliday and how he answered the call for leadership in his company, DuPont. Holliday notices that the crisis was spreading all over the world and infecting the financial industry while he was in Japan and right afterwards summoned the six top leaders in his company to a meeting.
Dupont´s plan was called “The Corporate Crisis Plan” but he was unsure to call the plan like this because it might could frighten employees. The solutions against the crisis where discussed and make known to all managers so they could tell employees, so all is about a good communication between manager and employee and from that managers took employee´s points of view to conserve cash and reduce costs.
Ram Charan has authoritatively stressed the importance of cash efficiency, the intensified real time management mandate, the decisive confidence that a CEO must exhibit. To Ram Charan, those companies that survive this economic uncertainty, they will emerge smaller, fewer customers, sell fewer products, fewer suppliers, few layer of management. This process will become easier more efficient and then companies will become stronger but the reaction of the companies should have been earlier.

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