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Dr. Charan was born in India and is one of the advisors more important in the world. He has written several books on economic of which has sold over 2 million.
He began working for a shoemaker, but he earned an engineering degree in India and he earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School.

Among his recommendations to achieve a profitable return we can find what he calls “budget grow”. Charan has achieved many awards for example he was among BusinessWeek’s top ten resources for in house-executive development programs.

At present he is based in Dallas.

Summary: Leadership In The Era Of Economic Uncertainty.

Chad Holliday is an example of leader because he took decisive action to tackle the crisis. Holliday knew the first sign of the crisis when he was visiting in Japan. When he arrived to the EEUU Holliday summoned the six top leaders in his company the next morning; what had seemed to be a crisis of confidence in Wall Street became a global crisis in most parts of the Planet. The rate of production of the companies decreased and the rate of production in DuPont also decreased. DuPont paint covers over 30 percent of American automobiles and those companies didn’t know what would that production they would have on the future.

DuPont’s senior managers to appraise the cause of the crisis and put the necessary measure to control the crisis. While the crisis could frighten the company’s 60.000 employees needlessly; Holliday decided to take action in the situation. The company’s chief economist and the head of its pension fund explained the situation to employees of the crisis. Each employee said things to reduce costs and improving the cash; they had a reunion face to face with a CEO. The company want to see how the employees understand the crisis and see if they were prepared to overcome the crisis. The employees seemed the situation: Travel was curtailed sharply, internal meeting were cancelled… but Holliday not satisfied. The problem was how fast it was getting done.

The executives were studying the possibility of closing production facilities to reduce cost but the fastest way to save the most cash was to cut back as much as possible on the over 20.000 outside contractor the company had hired. The crisis spread to six weeks and the company had to find more solutions to the crisis because the economic situation could last a long time; but when the economy stabilizes DuPont will be ready. Chad Holliday is answered the call for leadership. Many leaders must act as Mr. Holliday is doing to respond to the economic crisis.

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