Ram Charan is one of the most famous business advisors in the world who has helped a lot of big companies around the world. He began working early in his parent`s shoe shop. He studied engineering and began to work in Australia and Hawaii. He finish his studies in Harvard where finish working for the Harvard Business School faculty.
He provides advice and help a lot of big corporations. He has the keys for success in business. He also won a lot of prices, like best teacher award at Northwestern.
A few years ago, Charan wrote some interesting books that have been bought all over the world. These include the bestseller “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality”. Also he wrote some interesting articles for newspapers and magazines of economical strategy and business.

We have chosen his book tome make a summary. Its speaks about the crisis and how it grows all over the world. It was said by Japanese Company whose manager said that was worried about the cash of the company.
When the plane takes off, he brought the leaders of company to see this problem.
The problem was bigger than what they thought. The small and singular crisis in Wall Street was explained all over the world. For example, the population in Dupond’s hotel decreased 30% in 10 days. Also, Dupond have a painting company which had shared the production with some important companies of cars. The chaos was immediately.
They had a plan to use in case of disaster, but had to think if it was good to use it and disturb 60000 employers declaring the crisis.
The plan make 17 teams and only 9 stayed in the front because the analysts said that the crisis was only financial. Some high rank employers told to the other why they were in crisis with a non technical language. And explain who they should act to keep cash in the company. They had to pass a sociological test, and see what would be their answer in some situations.
The news and other media helped with some stories about the crisis. So the eliminated the contractions. Holliday takes some time to ask to the 14 companies what they were doing to fight the crisis.
Although there is a group of top executives who are trying to improve the situation in longer-term actions. They try to reduce cost much as possible. One way to reduce costs was to cut relations with other companies.
The big growth of the crisis was expected for 6 weeks. Economists see that the global situation of economy will be worse than now, and they see a slowdown of economy, soy managers say that they will be prepare for the future.
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