Banking: Grupo Santander

1. What is the URL (website address)?
The URL or website address is the following:

2. Who is the site aimed at?
This site is aimed at people that are interested in the part that concerns private banking due to the fact that this site is a site of the Santander Group bank but in relation to the private banking that they have. Therefore people that might be interest in private banking may be people with a lot of money.

3. What can they do there?
The users of this site can see all the functions that Santander’s private banking can do. For example, through this webpage the users or clients of this bank can inform themselves about the different activities the bank does. And if they have any questions, these questions may be answered just by reading this site, instead of going to the bank to see if there they can be resolved.

4. What type of content does it contain?
The type of content that this site provides its users is informative. Through this site you can find all type of information about all the things related to the private banking that the Santander has. In this site the user can read about Santander’s private banking in general, as well as its commitment and trust. The user can also read about the management approach that the bank does and that way inspire confidence. The user can also see some interesting investment solutions that the bank provides to meet their clients needs. The clients can also see the broad selection of products and services the bank has. And most important they can see the offices and the directions of the offices all around the world in case the need to go to an office to do something.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
The things that I found interesting about this website are the following: for example one thing that I found really interesting is that in each department of the site there is a phrase which can be interpreted as a mini slogan for that department. For example; for the department of Santander Private Banking; the phrase that they have as heading is Private means exclusively yours and for example another of the phrases that interested me was the following: Seeking is not the same as finding for the department of management approach. Another thing that impacted me was the way they inform the user about all the things that they do and how they do it in a very convincing way.
Another reason why this website interested me is because I’m really interested in banking and especially in this type of banking; private banking. That is why I chose this site and not any other site, and especially this one because the Santander Bank is one of the banks that attracts me the most.
Another interesting thing that this site has is that you can change the language it is in. this is very important because this bank is around all the world and therefore its website has to be accessible to all of its users and to new users that would like to join the bank.
One thing that in my opinion is very important and that this site has is the locations of the different offices the bank has. This is important because it gives facilities to the clients and to the new users.

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