1º. What is the URL?
I choose because I have my money there and I think that it is interesting to show the advantages and disadvantages of this bank.

2º. Who is it aimed at?
This website is directed to people who want to know their transactions and control their expenditures. Also it is an useful webpage with a lot of links and information about all the movements of the stock exchange.
It is aimed to people between 30-60 years old of middle class or people who wants a high profitability.

3º. What can they do there?
In the website, there are the last financial and economics news. Also it offer all their financial products like mutual fond, deposit accounts, mortgage with attractive rate of interest. You can control your money and investments, financing, consumer credit, insurance, bank transfer… there are an innovation that you have the posibility to buy or reserve tickets, online shopping…
If you have any questions, they can be answered just by reading this site, instead of going to the bank to see if there they can be resolved.

4º. What type of content does it contain?
The website contain principally private information if the banking, all the transactions the bank is doing and his position in the stock exchange. As well, it is offering and shows all the advantages of their products, services and their innovation to attract clients.
There are not only information of the bank, there are also about others banks or different news related with it.
One useful thing is the information about their locals or offices all around the world in case the need to go in any case.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
I get impacted with the way they inform the user about all the things that they do and how they do it in a convincing way.
From my point of view, is very important the locations of the different offices the bank has because it gives facilities to the clients and to the new users.
A practical option is that you can change the language it is in. This is very important because this bank is around all the world and therefore its website has to be accessible to all of its users and to new users that would like to join the bank.
However there are a round table to discuss about any problem, opinion or question, althought you can contact with them personally.

To conclude, I think that ING DIRECT bank is one of the most important credits bank in the world and rely on a succefull website.

Mark = 7

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