1.What is the URL (website adress)?
The site I chose is It's a very complete website where people can inform themselves about this spanish bank.

2.Who is the site aimed at?
This site is aimed to people interested in finding a bank where they can keep their money and savings.There's no need for it to be older than a certain age because also young people can enter the website in order to create an account to save their little amounts of money. This website is also done for professionals like bankers, stockholders, brokers etc, where they can get everyday international information, very useful for their business.

3.What can they do there?
Here, people can do nearly everything related to banking. From getting basic information about their new products to even participate in social challenges abroad, people can see any kind of use they can give to their money. In Caja Madrid, as I can notice from the website, the thing the more importance they give is the fact of borrowing money and its different ways to do it, and this is separate in two big blocks: particular people and companies, both wishing to raise their savings there.

4.What type of content does it contain?
As I said before, the website contains basically information related to banking like ways of borrowing money and the different interests and requirements people will have to confront to, new products like new accounts for young people and also elderly people, values, social cooperations, new credit cards and even things that can result unuseful like maps showing these banks around Spain.

5.Did you find anything surprising?
I didn't find anything that really surprised me but I have to say that the way of giving so much importance to the social aspect and culture shocked me the first time I entered this website, specially because, in general view, the site is divided in three parts: particular people, companies and social culture, which is quite surprising because it is a banking and not a cultural website. In my opinion, this has to prime nowadays because it gives the companies a very good image to the public.

Mark = 6

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