1-What is the URL?

The URL I have chosen is

2-Who is it aimed at?

It is aimed at everyone who either has already an account or is considering the option of investing in ibercaja. Ibercaja offers a wide variety of services, such as: accounts, deposits, plans, service insurance, mortgages, loans, cards, values…

3-What can they do there?

This online service is a way to do home banking which is basically doing the same thing as in a bank wherever you are. It offers the possibility to control the movements that affect your accounts fastly and easily. It is also the right place to solve your possible doubts, not only because they give you information about themselves, but also because they include answers to the most frequently asked questions.

4-What type of content does it contain?

Through this page you can have all the information about the services that are offered by ibercaja. It is divided in six sections: individual, business, your web, tools, entity information and distance banking. It also mentions the se cocial and cultural work they carry out. Ibercaja wants to allow people to know exactly who they are, what they do and what type of things they are able to offer. Basically, they offer customers all banking information which concern not only their accounts but the bank as an entity.

5-Did you find anything surpring?

The most surpring aspect I found throughout the page is the great commitment that ibercaja has been developing. They carry out different projects in order to preserve and help those who need it. Firstly, they are willing to increase growth expectations through culture, education and investigation. Secondly, they also develop different activities related to social and health assistance. Finally, they try to preserve the different historical surroundings and nature.It is important that entities like banks have a social liability in order to be an expample to the rest of the community.

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