1.What is the URL?

2.Who is it aimed at?
Is aimed at customers who are happy to carry out the majority of their transactions online, without the backup of a costly human.

3.What can they do there?
The customers can view their accounts, manage their loans, deposits, securities, insurance, etc. You can do any transactions on any account in the world with a few mouse clicks.

4.What type of content does it contain?
The site has a section called "about us" where we can read the features, functions, technical support, objectives, results and legal notice of the bank.
There is another section where you can be registered at the bank and open an account in order to begin making transactions.

5.Did you find anything surprising/ specially interesting?
I found a website very simple and dynamic, the customer can do transactions without finding any kind of obstacle or problem. In the default page you see that they give too much importance to the ads, it is seen as almost half of the website are announcements of retreatment plans or funds.

Mark = 5

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