1º what is the URL?

2º who is it aimed at?
This website is aimed at its customers, but also at the rest of people who want to obtain any kind of information about the bank and its services.

3º what can they do there?
Customers can check their credit card’s balance and the movements of their current accounts; and they can control loans like for example mortgages. Also it’s possible to do banking transactions from one’s personal computer so it is no necessary going to the bank. Moreover it’s possible to consult your securities and any other services that you have taken on with the bank.

People who are not customers are able to use other services like “servicaixa” where you obtain information of different shows and buy the tickets.

4º what type of content does it contains?
The website is divided in different sections or links which are companies, particular clients, private banking and autonomous.
This bank has a special interest in young people and has created a lot of services with enormous benefits for them; we can see this in the link: “jóvenes LKXA”

5º Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
I’ve chosen this website because in my opinion it’s done so good, it’s easy to use and also offers many services, apart of the bank, for example “la caixa” is a non-profit-making entity and therefore it recovers a social labor, it’s a foundation. In the website we can see all the programs that “la caixa” takes charge, like taking care of the environment, education, culture etc, and I like this so much.

Also I’m interesting in this website because it offers a great service that any other bank has, and it is the possibility of buying tickets for the cinema, concerts, theatre etc, this is so useful and comfortable.

Other thing I would stand out is all the advantages that young people can get if they are members of this bank.

Mark = 7

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