1º What is the URL?

Bank of America (

2º Who is it aimed at?

This website is aimed at all types of customers, both retailers and investors. Offers a range of financial products that meet the preferences of customers who want to get optimum performance on their savings.

3º What can they do there?

Customers can choose between different financial products, including investment in shares, request a mortgage, apply for a loan… Through the website of Bank of America, the customer can do banking transactions from home. This is known as home banking.

4º What type of content does it contain?

Bank of America´s website has different sections. Depending on the customer's age (young, adult or older), it can lead to different financial products. In website also appear credit, mortgage, loan, investment in shares, credit card… Through the website, you can open a current account or a deposit in which to invest your savings.
Also appears information about the company, referring to his business, its social work to help the needy and people with physical disabilities.

5º Did you find anything surprising/specially interesting?

It was surprising the exclusive section for people with disabilities. It is a way to help people with physical problems.
I was also surprised at the clarity of the website, facilitating the financial transactions of customers in short steps.

Mark = 5

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