1. What is the URL?

I've choose this one because of the advert on television that say that is a bank that makes fresh banking.

2. Who is it aimed at?

It offers financial products such as mortage loans, pensions, investment in shares, deposit accounts and mutual fonds, loans… Customers can control their money and investments from their homes, which is called home-banking.

3. What can they do there?

The users that has an account in this bank can check their credit card’s balance and their transactions. On the other hand they can find any information they need about inversions and market analysis. If a person is not a customer of it, he can open and account and get informed of what an orange account for example is.

4. What type of content does it contain?

In this page you can inform yourself about every service offered by this bank. It is dived in sectios as mortages, home insurances, fixed rate savings or faster payments. Is very easy for every type of customer who wants to know all the requirments needed for borrow money, move it, get a home insurance, open an account, etc.

5.Did you find anything surprising?

I think that is a very complete page because one reason, Ingdirect has not any office, so everything is via Internet. What is more surprising is that they do fresh banking (you recieve money only for open an account). And is very funny to see that they put the word orange before every financial word. You dont have an account, you have an orange account, and you don't have a mortage, you have an orange mortage, etc.

Mark = 5

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