1-What is the URL?

The URL is:

2-Who is it aimed at?

This site is aimed at everyone ho wants to invest his money in any tipe of assets and reach the higher rentability.
It is for every person that need a good management of his investments, with the most benefits as possible,with a lot of options as deposits, investment funds..etc.

3-What can they do there?

In this webpage the customer can find a lot of options to improve the value of his financial resources.
They have an online banking and an online broker, thay can contact with March Private Banking, they can decide between numerous options for their money such as investment founds, or, if they prefer, external founds, deposits, private banking products.
You also can find in the website some informations that the costumers may need, for example: market analysis, tax advice and investor’s corner; very useful for someone who need to know where is better to invest his financial resources, and to achieve the financial goals.

4-What content does it contain?

In this URL you can choose between different links. In the home page you can see a brief presentation of the March Private Banking, an introduction for the costumers.
On the left side you can see the huge selections of links: you can contact with March Bank, you have a broker online, banking online. You can also choose into different investment funds, for example if you may prefer an external investem funds.
Going on you can clinck other links such as Private Banking products or tax advice. You can also control the market situation from the webpage.
On the bottom of the page you have other options of investement to obtain the finantial goals.

5- Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I think the wabepage is structurated very well, to help the possible investors to decide wich option is the best to achive the most profits as possible.
In the same webpage you can decide if you are interested in private banking or personal banking, you can contact with March Bank without move from home, you can see how are growing your assets and move them or take any decision you need from your personal computer, with the useful knowledge of March Bank.

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