1.What is the URL?

The website is

2.Who is it aimed at?

It is aimed at many people such as investors, companies, individual customers…in general everyone who wants to have at least some control over his savings. Also it is aimed at people who like to manage their money for example, working with shares. This is my case, young investors find in this website the possibility to create a portfolio and start managing their savings.

3.What can they do there?

Santarder edited two weeks ago some features of their website making it easier and quicker. Here every customer have a very wide range of services like apply for a loan, a mortgage, manage shares, deposits or their current account. Also you can find solutions for your retirement, control your renting or leasing and watch your credit/cash card transactions. Mainly it is used by customers and companies. The customers can make their transactions, manage pension plans,direct debit…Companies can use this page for example to pay employees quickly, work with trade effects…

4.What kind of content does it contain?

It contains lots of services and products as well as detailed information about the bank, the options you have there about your money, finances and deposits. In the home page you can distinguish five different sections to work with. This are individual customers, personal banking, private banking, businesses and companies and finally institutions. This is great because you can choose the option you need at the moment easily, which makes it quicker to see the services that Santander offers you.

5.Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

The first thing that really surprised me was that when you enter the website, you can see at the top right corner the quote of Santander´s shares which is something very interesting for shareholders and shows that they are really secure on their work. Also the users of home banking can find great the security that the website offers you when working with your current account as it is used an encrypted keyboard to enter your password. Santander also has more options about trade effects for example than other banks in Spain. This is a very attractive website as it uses lots of photographs, colours…and it surprised me who the “most frecuent questions” made by customers are explained with lot of detail which gives you confidence in order to decide to work with Santander. Finally it is also interesting the latest options of pension plans that this bank offers and a software that you can buy at the page about managing shares which allows you to work in real time.

Mark = 7

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