1º What is the URL? and in English is
2. Who is it aimed at?
It is aimed to his customer and everyone who wants to get information about the bank and what they can do in it.
3.what can they do there?
This page is visited by the bank client’s and also by people that is interested and that want to be informed about the characteristics and services offered by bbva bank. In the case of the clients, they can log in into its account in order to be aware of the supplies, programs, advice given by specialist and the state of their money.
4º What type of content does it contain?
BBVA show us information about financial products, information about the bank and its prospects, the helps that they offer the young people, companies or individuals and any information that its client want.
5.Did you find anything surprising?
It's amazing how you can do many operations without leaving the computer. Other interesting thing is the issue of the banks ( in this case of bbva) to train young people in the best conditions to take part of their staff in the future. Because in the end we are the future…

Mark = 5

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