1º What is the URL?

The URL that I have chosen is:

2º Who is it aimed at?

The website is aimed at all types of customers: particulars, companies… and all the people that want information about the bank. The customers of the bank will be able to consult their accounts and their movements.

3º What can they do there?

If you are a client of Lloyds TSB you can do different thinks, consult movements, make transactions online, bonds, funds, loans, mortgages, and manage credits cards… This is the “home banking” that offer you from your house doing your banking operations without you need to leave home and with sufficient guaranty.

4º What type of content does it contain?

Lloyds TSB has different kinds of customer: Personal banking to particular’s operations (Internet Banking, Current accounts, Savings & Investments, Credit cards, Loans, Mortgages). Business banking destined to companies and private banking to investors. And also we see others departments like corporate markets (service to businesses with annual turnover in excess of £15m) and international banking (international personal banking, private banking, mortgages…)

5º Did you find anything surprising/specially interesting?

I find surprising me the great capacity of control that offers you the bank on all his banking available products, the facility to calculate interest rates of loans, the possibility of using the services from the mobile phone…

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