The URL;

Who is the site aimed at? ;
The site is aimed at many kind of consumers, young, individual or particular and companies. Depending on which kind of consumer they are, each one will have advantages or disadvantages on the credit, financing, investment, savings, insurance, etc…Also, because a bank can provide many services, each consumer will get the service that is more appropriate to what he is looking for, so the site could be aimed at many subjects.

What can they do there? ;
They can get money borrowed from the bank with an interest that they have to pay, save money with interests, financing, investment, consumer credit, insurance, mutual fund, etc…So what you can do are many possible things that you could do with your money or future money and also this bank provides services like: Buy tickets, an online-shop, points program, auction, discounts in establishments magazines, etc…

What type of content does it contain? ;
It contains all kind of financial objects such as savings, credit, investment, etc…and also contains other kind of social services such as: a foundation, acts of charity, employment, awards, social responsibility, etc…

Did you find any surprising, especially? ;
I find surprising but not much because it has been using for so long the social part of the bank and the responsibility. Banks nowadays try to take more care about society to at least give a better image of the company. So, what I could find interesting anyone could do because all banks work with the same techniques.

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