1.What is the URL?


2.Who is it aimed at?

This site is aimed at all those people who want to take your savings and investments of the greatest benefits possible, ensuring a high yield and maximum safety. This page doesn´t forget the youth giving generous in topics like mortgages …

3.What can they do there?

This page contains a number of options to do various online transactions. from a simple transfer operations to cancel an account … Always offering a detailed account of your every movings.

4.What type of content does it contain?

On the page you can find a lot of information about opening an account, pension plans, mortgages and various types of interest … An endless of information available to a single clic. You can get information of different types of banking services, like personal banking, commercial banking, investment banking…

5.Did you find anything surprising?

It's amazing how you can do many operations without leaving the computer. Other interesting thing is the issue of the banks ( in this case of Barclays) to train young people in the best conditions to take part of their staff in the future. Because in the end we are the future…

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