1. The URL for the website I found related to banking is

2. The home page goes directed to an ample and differentiated group of investors that prefer a banking organization that works through Internet. Moreover, it is also aimed at investors that want a customized attention as Barclays Bank creates investment fund’s for each of their different client profiles attending to the different level of risk.

3. This page is visited by the bank client’s and also by people that is interested and that want to be informed about the characteristics and services offered by Barclays bank. In the case of the clients, they can log in into its account in order to be aware of the supplies, programs, advice given by specialist and the state of their money.

4. First of all, in this page we can get information about the services and product that Barclays offers, specially related to saving, mortgages and home insurance.

5. Thinkin about this barclays website the first reason to be surprised is the easy ways of working with our money, the power of internet shows to us that things like getting a mortgage or saving can be inmediatly done and this could be compaired with years ago when we need hours to do it. But ther are some risk like we can be hacked through internet, that is the reason for some people to do it personally.

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