1. What is the URL?
The URL I have chosen is

2. Who is it aimed at?
This page is aimed at people who have an account at this bank and also at all the people who want information about this bank. This bank has a lot of kinds of people, young or old people, doesn’t matter. Depending if you are a company or private person the bank offers you different loans, credit cards, investments and a lot of possibilities.

3. What can they do there?
They can see all the information about the bank and the services that it offers, so they can decide if it is a good bank for their necessities or if it is not the best option. People who are client can also log in their count and check their money. Also they can make transfers of money online and lots of services.

4. What type of content does it contain?
It contains a lot of financial information about all the services they offer, like credit cards, investments, loans, mortgages, insurances, pension plans, external trade, etc. I think that this information is very important to all the people who use this bank and also to the people who is thinking if join or not this bank.

5. Did you find anything specially interesting?
I didn’t find anything specially interesting, but something that I don’t really understand nowadays is how by internet we can move our money to an account to another, and how we can buy things and pay it in the moment online. I think that it is really surprising.

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