1-What is the URL?

Santander Private Banking(SPB):

2-Who is it aimed at?

Santander Private Banking is aimed to everyone that wants to invest with a piece of advice of an important bank. This URL is aimed to develop strategies to help you to achive the most profits as posible and to achieve your finantial goals. All this is support with the
liability and guarantee of GRUPO SANTANDER a very important multinational expanded from Spain to Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Jersey…

3-What can they do there?

In this URL you can change and shape the investment to fulfill the intentions of each client, without going out home. And also it offers a wide range of services like having the investment manage, providing investment solutions to achieve the highest profits and to achive the finantial goals, having a selection of abroad products like capital markets and treasury,investment funds and credit services.

4-What content does it contain?

This URL contains different content divided in different links. Firstly their is an introduction that explains you the different thing that Santander Banking can do for you, the next step its the home page that explains the investment solutions, the management aproach supported in their worldwide presence.Also you can see how safe it is reading the legal notice and the technical support and security link.

5-Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

In this website everyone can estimate the power of internet.It suprise me how simple-minded they can offer a service like investment, and how easy it is for us to invest with this tipe of services that as Santander Private Banking the banks offer.It is also in three languages because of their worldwide presence, so now the place of the company its not a problem for anyone that want to invest in this country. Also with this tipe of website Spain can catch foreign clients so that helps boost the economy of our country in times of crisis.

Mark = 5

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