Banking 4646

1-What is the URL?

The URL is

2-Who is it aimed at? :

This page is aimed for all kind of people who wants to have a good management of their investments, and also for corporations or financial institutions to keep their assets in safe hands. Also those people who have started a small business can trust in JP Morgan.

3-What can they do there? :

JP Morgan offers advice to help corporations achieve their strategic goals through assets management; also financial institutions are supported by dedicated professionals who understand them and their needs. As is normal JP Morgan also helps individuals and families with their wealth management by private banking institutions.

4-What type of content does it contain? :

The website contains different links such as asset management, commercial banking, investment bank, private banking and security services …etc. It also has different sections for specific costumers like corporations or individuals and families.

5-Did you find anything surprising? :

I found really interesting that JP Morgan has careers for experienced employers to improve their knowledge, they have employee programs for the better understanding of the organization and also they teach them how to apply for jobs. But this is only the beginning because they even have careers for advanced degree and undergraduate degree students.Another interesting thing is that there are news and announcements about the financial situation of the company and they have a special section in which banking experts, as the winner of the Nobel Prize Professor Muhammad Yunus, discuss about things related to banking.

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