1º What is the URL?

2º Who is aimed at?

The website it is aimed specifically to particulars who has deposited their money on the bank, to citizens who want to feel save and they require an insurance and for potential investors.

3º What can they do there?

Customers of this bank can check their current accounts, their savings or how much money they have spent using their credit card. They can do also what they called 'Internet banking' or in a common way 'home banking' where they are able to administer most of the issues that they could in a bank office.

4º What type of content does it explain?

The Co-operative bank has different type of clients: part of them are clear customers of the bank and they can link to diffetent parts of the webpage as current accounts, savings, credit cards, personal loans and online banking. Other part are potential insurance owners and they could sign a contract online. Eventually are invertors who can buy or sell stocks and shares among other things.

5º Do you find anything especially interesting?

One of the main difference between this bank and others is that The Co-operative has a department called 'Good with money' based on ethical concerns as climate change or road crashes. This department finances some projects or advices big companies about how they could arrange to help against these ethical concepts.

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