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What is the URL?

The URL that i have chosen is:

Who is aimed to?

The site is aimed at all type of costumers: young people, particulars, companies, investors, foreing people…The bank offer a lot of products, so that anyone can use the services to take the maximum beneficts possible. Besides you can know yours transactions and control the expenditures

What can they do there?

It offer all their financial products like mutual fond, deposit accounts, mortgage with attractive rate of interest…finding all the information you will need without going to the office. You can control your money and investments, financing, consumer credit, bank transfer…

What kind of contest does it contain?

The website has different sections, each section contain different financial products depending on what you are looking for such as savings, credit, investment, etc…
In addition is trying to improve the costumer situation making his home banking easier .

Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I find many interesting things such as you can find easily what you are looking for, facilitating the financial transactions of customers , another interesting thing is that you can change the language because this bank has people from other countries, also you have the possibility of buying tickets for the cinema, concerts, theatre etc, that is very useful

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