1- What is the URL?

The URL that I chose is ""

2-Who is it aimed at?

The page is aimed at customers of the bank, or those looking for general information about the bank, these may be business, individuals and/or professionals.

3-What can they do there?

Those on the web page can do various things, they can get financial information about the bank in the form of the annual results of the bank, or if they have an account with HSBC, they can check their account information. If interested in a job they can search for careers currently offered by the bank. Furthermore, we can look at the different kinds of banking offered, such personal banking, commercial banking, and private accounts.

4-What content does it contain?

On the web page, we can find information on what the most important countries the bank is located around the world. In addition, we can access the banks recently announced results from last year. the webpage also offers us at a glance, what accounts the bank has to offer to its customers. Finally, we can access the most recent news of the bank, and the most current market price for the banks shares.

5-Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

What caught my eye on this webpage is the amount of information, in regard to it's finical status, it offers to clients. Since we are in a time of economic crisis, the banks financial results are very useful and interesting to anyone searching on the site. We can see how the bank has performed the previous year, and when investing your money this is one of the most important factors.

Mark = 5

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