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The website I have found more interesting nowadays in crisis time is

From its beginning, 'la Caixa' dedicated itself to family savings and offer their clients an insurance for old age. But nowadays, apart from this, 'la Caixa' has a good position in the business segment of the market. So, for this reason 'la Caixa' is aimed at individuals and companies.

In this website you can, on the first hand, create an account (either current account, deposit account or otherwise) and start to make transactions, check your movements, balance, pay bills, and many more.

La Caixa is also one of the most important world-level modern in application of new technologies. The last online service that 'la Caixa' offers between Société Générale is 'Self Bank', will premiere with an account that allows individuals to speculate as if they were professionals.

Secondly, constituted as a non-profit making entity, which means economic benefits and limitations of performance, thanks to its statutes has the largest private foundation in Spain, and one of the largest in the world, with major investments in matters of general interest.

Through his Benefit Society, "la Caixa" funded social programs, environment and science, culture, education and research. Benefit Society "la Caixa" is the first Spanish private foundation, the second European and the world's fifth budgetary volume.

And, in conclusion, I find especially one of the most powerful financial companies in the world, and a entity that has anticipated the economic crisis, can assure my savings or my parent's pension plan, among others, with the safety of 20 years working for clients like us.

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