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1º What is the URL? and in English is

2º Who is it aimed at?
This webpage is directed the person who want to control his financial operations from house in general, particularly this site offer different options to companies, young people and individuals.

3º What can they do there?
The users of this webpage can do many things with our money: we can control our bank account from our house; if we have any company we can manage our international operations, we can have a control of our shares on the stock market or ask for a scholarship.

4º What type of content does it contain?
BBVA show us information about financial products, information about the bank and its prospects, the helps that they offer the young people, companies or individuals and any information that its client want.

5º Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
In general, the webpage is very interesting for me because its use is very simple for the users and they can have access to different options. Its more surprising are the options that the companies have and the facilities that the webpage offers the young people.

Blue BBVA offers the young people the possibility of creating a new acount of free form, they can look for a work can search a new job and even they can study abroad!

This webpage offers the companies many facilities. Any company can accede to a management of unpaid or to the events organized for BBVA. This bank helps to companies and young in generally; its slogan appears in this webpage and its very exciting and interesting for me: FORWAR.

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