1º What is the URL?

2º Who is aimed at?

It is aimed to people who have money in this bank. Also is aimed to people who want to be a new costumer from the bank. If you are a potential investor is good to read the news improving you financial knowledge. Also is aimed for people who want to reduce their transaction costs.

3º What can they do there?

Customers can make transactions with their money with the home banking; they can buy shares with its portfolio. They can see the secondary market prices and buy also bonds, gold or other values. The can see all the last news about the financial and economical world or see publications in magazines. This is one of the firts bank which make home banking more easy.

4º What type of content does it explain?

The page is trying to improve the costumer situation making his home banking easier than ever. Also is much faster for buying and selling shares because you don’t need to go to the bank to give the order.
I don’t know how exactly sure is it, what during last year, security from this pages has grown too much avoiding scams.

5º Do you find anything especially interesting?

In this page I see interesting the press releases, because if you are buying or selling shares is good to have the last news and know how the market is going. Also if you expand the menu, you can see that page speaks you about the company’s policy and give some advices about some risks of investments.

Mark = 5

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