Fontainebleau in Las Vegas is a new hotel-casino valued at nearly 3 billion dollars. However, the reason why this hotel deserves an article written about it is not that, but a signed agreement between Fontainebleau and Apple Inc. The Tribeca Grand of New York has a similar idea.

Thanks to this agreement, there will be an iMac (24 inch display) available in each room and suite. This way, people staying at the complex will have an Apple computer to do everything they want.

As most customers are businessman, this service is specially designed for those who have the Apple MobileMe service. What is this? It is a simple way to keep everything in sync everywhere you go. You can access and manage your email, contacts, calendar, photos and files at And don’t worry, the best thing is that any device (mobile phones) is valid.

In this article, the thing I personally found most interesting was, on the one hand, the spending made by the hotel to buy such large quantities (3.889) of one of the best computers in the market, and, on the other hand, the strategy used to attract businessmen to the hotel.


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