advertising d2


2 The site is aimed at a special target. These people who receive the advert are a kind of group or sector who have the same style of clothing, a typical teenage who looks for formal and informal clothes such as trousers, shorts, shirts, etc.. Because this is a private website this is an advert and so on the content that is shown on the web are what the same brand wanted to public in it.

3 In the website you can do what any consumer would like to do, such as see any kind of products they have at that moment on stock, different colours they have for each product, different sizes, listen to music which basically is the type of music that these consumers like, buy whatever you want by internet, can log on and be part of these website and then you may receive quite often some information about the brand, the progress, etc…

4 The website’s content is as I just said clothes, accessories, footwear, etc…

5 Well, it is good when you advertise that the consumer feels comfortable looking at the web with no stress, and this happen when the music just becomes without doing anything , also the animation was good and the same web is perfectly order so you can search what you are looking for at the same moment and fast

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