2) This website is aimed at a target consumers with a little budget. This is because the website is about a low-cost airways company where you can find cheap flights and also offerts for hotels and any other type of place to stay. Also you can find ski routes, campings and car-renting companys.

3) They can choose the days and the place where they want to fly. After that they can find between a lot of options and offers an hotel or any other place where they could stay. On the top of the web page you can click on some options of traveling such as campings, ski routes, etc. They also help you with the financiation and travel insurance.

4) The contents of this webpage is about reserve hotels, flights, cars and everything you need to prepare in a good way your travel with a little budget.

5) I think that the page has a very atractive presentation.It's easy to use it, because everything is at reach. The most interesting feature is the low prices, that make this webpage one of the most visited pages about travel.

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