advertising 4815162342

1. What is the URL ?
The URL of the advertising website is :
2. Who is the site aimed at?
This web-site is aimed at students or young people that want to be in touch with their friends without going out from their homes.
3. What can they do there?
-On this website, you can send threads to your friends telling them whatever you want to tell them, you can send them messages to their walls, you can upload pictures of yourself and your friends.
-Create your Facebook Advert and choose your precisely target by age, gender, location, etc.
4. What type of content does it contain?
Facebook contents a lot of ads of products, brands, associations, foundations, etc.
5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
In my opinion this is the perfect way to advertise a brand or a product because there is over 175.000.000 users of facebook and you have all of them located and aged, so you can reach your exact audience. On the other hand you can optimize your ads by knowing who is clicking and who is not clicking on your ad, so you can modify them to maximize your results.

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