Advertising 24


The website adress that I chose is
This is a website of a fashion english brand. The site is aimed at consumers who love fashion and with big budgets. A sector of the poblation with a particular way of clothing. But also is aimed at people who just want to see some photos or consult any price of the brand.
The constumers have some options: in the home page they can choose a country and a language for the website, so that all the information in the next page would be about their country.
They can also see in this website the latest collection of the brand, the news of the fashion week, some videos. You can select the men, women or children part of the website and see all the contents.
About the contents, as it is a fashion website is full of photos and videos.You can see all the clothes of the collection, any colour, you can see the price, the place where you could buy it.. But also information about the brand such as telephone numbers, directions and customer service so if you need some information about the brand you can contact directly them by the website.
On the top of the home page you can log in and you have the possibility to buy any product of Ralph Lauren online.
You have the option “search” on the right-hand columns if you need something special and you want to see it without visiting all the webpage.
Actually it is a good webpage, the structure is confortable for the costumer because he can see all the brand’s products with the colours that exist, the price.. It’s not difficult to visit the webpage, because on the left-hand column you have a list of all the parts of the website that you should want to see so you only have to click on them and see it.

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