Buy and Sell is the name of irish company that we have chosen for our work. That company has a web site whose name is .

This website classified ads. The main kinds of ads are “general ads”, “car ads”, “travel ads” and “dating ads”. Therefore the site is aimed at a wide group of people. To see this point, it´s important look the general ads of this page. The general ads, include another big group of advertisements.

The website allows people to buy, and another important thing: sell. This company is used by particulars or companies to convey a message to potential customers. But the particulars are the segment that use more this kind of advertising.
In side it, there are computers and media, music and entertainment, home and furniture, sports and so on. You can buy radio from a house. You can steer your ads to the customers that you want, because you can classify you ads, and then only the people that are interested in this issue will see it.

In Spain we have a similar page named “Segundamano”, but Buy and Sell is better in general. Themain reason is the estructure of the website, that allow to coustomers find rapidly his objetive. In this page, you can find all that yo need, but in Segundamano, the media to show the ads is worst. You can´t find a correctly classification.

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