Advertising unit 11

1)The URL or website address is the following:,,___,00.html

2)The site is aimed at people with an elevated purchasing power because these cars (BMW’s) are not very cheap, and therefore not everybody can afford to buy them. You could also say that it is aimed at mostly men because they are the ones who are usually interested in cars more than women.

3)The things that you can do in the website are the following: the buyer can see and interact with the products sold by this brand. The buyers can see photos of the different models of the cars that the brand has in the market and therefore choose the one they will buy in the future. The buyer can interact with the products due to the fact that he has at his disposal videos and photos to compare the different models, and also the buyer can get in contact with a dealer for further information.

4)The type of content that this website contains is the one related with the things they sell; this is cars. Through this website the buyer or customer can see the different models of the cars that the brand has at his disposal and therefore know what it has in the market for a further purchase. Apart of the models of the cars the website has different videos of each model, and has different photos from different perspectives of the cars for the buyer to be able to get a better idea of how the car is. You can also see the characteristics that each car has, and therefore, it is easy to compare one model to another.

5)What I found specially interesting in this website is the way it is organized, because you can see all the different models of the cars in one glance; but then if you want to know a little more about a specific model or you want to see it more closely; you can do it by clicking on the car and there you will be able to see more perspectives of the cars, the characteristics and even a video that corresponds to an advert. Seeing that the company has made an advert for each of the models that it has you can deduce that the company is a very powerful company due to the fact that to make an advert you need a big amount of money. Apart from the adverts that I find that are pretty interesting; in this website you can also find the characteristics that each car has, and these characteristics can be found by clicking on facts and figures. Here you can find all the things that each car has and therefore can compare the facts with the rest of the models. Something else that really attracted me from this website is that there is a part where you can create your own car, choosing the model you want, the color, and the basic packs or extras. Therefore by doing this you can have the car that you want and you can see more or less how much it can cost you. This is a facility that the brand through the site gives to the buyer because he can see what he wants and how much it will cost him without having to go to a dealer. But you also have the chance to look for the closest dealer from your location. This is also something important because that way you can go directly to buy there your new car. Another thing that interested me from this site and that I think is a very good way of selling the product is by offering a test drive, because this way the buyer can actually try the car and see if he likes it. This absolutely helps the buyer decide on which car will be the one that he buys.

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