I has chosen one of the most visited pages on the net, It is one of the most important music page at the moment . principally this site is aimed at people who loves music, but I have to say that in the page there are not all the kinds of music, this music has got the last hits of pop-rock music, electronic music… so this page is aimed at young people who want to be the first to know the new modern music!! So, people who loves classic music… will not be lovers of this page. In mtv page you can search the latest music of your favourite artists. You can also take part of a lot of quizes sponsored by different banks or multinationals like caja Madrid, coca-cola… You can also find your favourite artists and all of their hits and you can also search the top ten of the music in different countries… In my opinion this page is very useful if you want to be the best at music hits. But it is amazing all publicity that there are in the page… this doesn’t only appear in strange situations, if not we can see it in the most of the pages in the net. It is a clear example of how much importance have got the publicity in our society… So unfortunately we have to start to learn to live with this situation seeing how the publicity increase it important very fast.

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